Masses - Temporary Schedule

The Mass Times will be advertised this weekend both on the church doors and social media. Please remember that the Sunday obligation has not been reinstated and so attendance at mass at some point in the week is strongly encouraged. The maximum capacity of our churches, for socially distanced masses is:

  • St Gregory's - 54 people
  • Our Lady's - 44 people

Weather permitting, masses in our lady’s will be celebrated outdoors in order to facilitate larger numbers.


For the coming weeks Mass times are as follows:

Sunday Mass Times

  • Sunday 10.00am Our Lady’s

Weekday Mass Times

  • Monday Midday Our Lady’s
  • Tuesday 9.00am St. Gregory’s
  • Wednesday No Mass
  • Thursday 9.00am St. Gregory’s
  • Friday Midday Our Lady’s
  • Saturday 4.30pm St. Gregory’s

All these mass times are subject to change as directed in the parish newsletter each week where funerals will also be announced.

Please see newsletter for more information.

Holy Hour

  • Saturday 7.00pm Our Lady’s


  • Monday 7.00pm Our Lady’s
  • Thursday 7.00pm Our Lady’s

Baptism and Marriage enquires can be made via email or by telephoning our temporary office on 01515272084 on Mondays and Fridays when our administrator Maureen will process your enquiries.